Changing the future of ground transportation services

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Why partner with Get-e?

At Get-e, we see it’s our mission to provide high-quality transfer services, supported by a customer-obsessed control team and the most modern technology. In the past years, Get-e has been developing an increasing profile as the provider of choice for companies that are focused on consolidation transfers, providing higher quality, less administration, and better value for money.

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Customer focussed

Customer focused

We have a healthy customer obsession. We meet with our customers and understand their needs. Whether the customer would like to keep it simple without automation or customers that like to have a fully automated solution.

Tech innovation

Tech innovation

With client input, we develop bespoke automated global transportation solutions to increase efficiency and reach operational excellence. We have the option to connect to any operational or administrational system you currently use.

We make it happen

We make it happen

Every client works in a different way and has its own internal procedures. At Get-e we adjust to the requirements of our clients and solve the problems they had before. We are obsessed with exceeding expectations and the team takes pride in the clients we work for.

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110 Countries, 800 destinations. All verified.

Get-e takes away the need for direct supplier sourcing for each destination. Get-e’s sourcing includes a hands-on approach to visiting destinations, before adding suppliers to the Get-e network. As a mandatory requirement, all suppliers must have all the necessary licenses and insurances and comply with the client specifications. All supplier documents are uploaded to Get-e’s network database and are reportable for reference or audit purposes. Get-e network managers regularly initiate customer surveys regarding supplier performance.

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Building solutions for the future

Many ground transport companies are operating legacy systems and processes that are prohibitively expensive to upgrade and change. Get-e’s booking platform not only provides an advanced technological solution but is significantly more adaptable than other providers. By connecting to other systems, the Get-e system functions as an information hub for all your transportation.

24/7 support

We speak your language

12 languages are spoken by our staff in our control center. At this moment we guarantee 24/7 availability in:

  • English
  • Spanish

The other spoken languages provide support for communication with our suppliers in 110 countries.


If you have any questions, send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you soon

For urgent matters, we offer 24/7 support

+44 203 856 8655

We value your privacy. Your personal information is confidential and is not sold to third parties. Get-e uses this information only for communications related to the services provided by Get-e International B.V.