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A global disruption network ready to accomodate your passengers

A large network of bus companies that are ready to accommodate your passengers after a disrupted flight. Our team has pre-selected suppliers for airlines to handle diversions and delays. In case this our network is not sufficient, we work with local agents as a backup.

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Flight Disruption Management Software

Detecting disruptions before they happen

Once a flight does not match with the original flight plan, you receive a warning. After that, The system is going to check live inventory with local providers at the potential diversion airports.

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Flight monitoring

GPS Matching

We detect disruptions earlier because we match the GPS position of flights with scheduled flight plans.

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Live Inventory

We request live inventory with local providers. Your OCC selects the best option for the passengers.

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Central Overview

A single dashboard with the live status of the disruptions. This also includes GPS maps to track busses and passengers.


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Flight Disruption Management Centre
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Disruption expertise around the clock

Efficient and quick communication is important. Therefore, Get-e has a dedicated disruption team that handles all requests. The experts that you rely on, are undoubtfully the most knowledgeable agents in the industry.

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We speak your language because we are trained by aviation experts. Our team is always ready to handle disruption.

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With smart notifications, we keep passengers up to date. Therefore, we never leave them stranded.

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When we receive a disruption request, we are ready to help. Our promise is that we handle it.

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