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How does Get-e benefit hotel managers globally?

March 20, 2023

Many of those operating in the tourism industry will have noticed the pinch of rising travel bills and financial losses, following years of travel restrictions, pandemics and rising inflation. Hotel in particular have reported staff shortages and fluctuating demand cycles, prompting many to increase room rates as they battle to stay afloat. 

The Travel management Company’s Hotel Prices Report forecasts significant rate increases for hotels in 2023. Destinations predicted to see the highest rise in prices include Paris (+10%), Stockholm (+9%) and Dublin (+8.5%).

This is where Get-e comes in, boosting hotel profitability through ground transportation services. It does so through its extensive client network and specialist capabilities, which provide hotels with a stable and sustainable source of revenue.  

By working with Get-e, hotels benefit financially while enjoying greater convenience when managing bookings and guest transportation. 

How does Get-e make life easier for hotel managers?

  • Get-e is easy to use, enabling hotel chains to confirm bookings at their hotels anywhere in the world.
  • Get-e’s 24-7 operations centre is on hand to respond to guests’ transport queries, removing this burden from hotel managers.
  • Get-e manages ground transportation for hotel transfers, saving hotels the need to find transport for guest’s arrival/departures.

The greater convenience Get-e provides also allows hotel managers to focus their attention on other aspects of enhancing guest experiences. This is just one of the ways that Get-e ensures hotels can become more profitable. 

How does Get-e help hotel managers become more profitable?

  • Hotels that partner with Get-e gain access to an extensive network of potential guests. This boosts hotel occupancy and profitability, enabling hotels to avoid financial loss associated with spare capacity.
  • Get-e facilitates hotels’ use of dynamic pricing, ensuring they can charge appropriately according to the demand they are experiencing. This avoids a blanket increase in hotel costs that could deter guests from completing a booking.
  • Time saved from managing guest transportation can be used to focus on other elements of the guest’s stay. These efforts can enhance the hotel’s reputation and encourage repeat bookings.

At a time of challenging economic conditions, Get-e can act as the ultimate partner to hotel managers. Get-e provides convenience and financial benefits while enabling hotel managers to offer a superior experience to guests. 

Company profile

Get-e is the transport services partner for airlines, assistive travel, and business travellers worldwide. Get-e offers customers a technology-driven ground transport booking and management service with 24/7 expert support from its headquarters in Amsterdam.
Significantly reducing administration costs and time for customers with its vetted supply of service providers in more than 110 countries and 900 airports worldwide, Get-e eliminates the need to source direct suppliers in each destination. The company utilises the latest technology, including GPS tracking and integrated mobile and web applications, to automate the ground transfer booking process and provide real-time information on all journeys.

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